04. Delta Residence

Delta Residence is a supreme residential building located in a peaceful area in Nakhle, Koura.
The 4th phase development features a picturesque view of nature with homes that bring exquisite architecture, evoking a sense of sophistication, modernity and prestige.



  • Property Number: 1580
  • Number of Blocks: 2
  • Number of Apartments: 16
  • Available Apartments: 3
  • Land Area: 995m2
  • Property Size Range: 80-100-140-230 sqm.

Civil Work

  • Double exterior walls with moisture,
    sound and thermal insulation
  • High-End Waterproofing
  • Moisture Resistance Techniques
    from Basement till Roof Level

Finishing Work

  • Natural Stone on all the exterior facades.
  • 3-4 coats of plastering for interior walls – TINOL or equivalent.


  • Sidem 2000
  • Double Glass heat and soundproof

Wood Work

  • Main Doors: Security & Fire-resistant Doors
    Imported From Turkey.
  • Veneered Oak interior doors with
    moisture protection.



Building Entrance

  • Super Deluxe Entrance with Indirect
    Lighting and Italian marble cut to size.


  • Modern Gypsum board ceiling design
    with indirect lighting in Salon, kitchen
    and corridors.

Floor Plans