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Who Are We

Built Up is a construction company based in Tripoli, Lebanon. The core values that drive us are professionalism, innovation, luxurious housing, affordable prices, trustworthiness, customer satisfaction, and sustainable development.

Our objective is to create functional spaces, drawing out the highest potential of every home. We intend to understand the needs of our clients and bring the most cost-effective solutions to life. 

We know that looking for a home can be stressful. That’s why our skilled and dedicated team will aim no less than to serve you with the best possible experience by making high quality housing and giving the most attentive customer care. Our Built Up team will work intimately with both subcontractors and providers to ensure your house is crafted to your liking. 

We here are Built Up are constantly searching for the best quality and persistent enhancement of the materials. Our Built Up Construction team guarantees that your home will receive cutting edge quality and security, but staying up to date on the latest safety and building strategies in the rapidly changing development industry. 


Built Up Mission

• To offer our customers, affordable, professional, and luxurious construction quality at fair and competitive prices.
• To show higher level of professionalism, dedication, uprightness and goodness in dealing with our customers, suppliers, and partners/collaborators.
• To offer our customers creative and breathtaking architecture and interior design and help them live a modern and affordable life.
• To design, innovate, and build with prestigious standards that take into consideration the environment and the safety of our customers. 


Built Up Vision

• Being the most efficient Construction Company in Lebanon and the Middle East.
• Working in a well-organized and competent way through relationships based on trust, accomplishment built on performance, Driven by commitment to advancement and positioning ourselves as pioneers in construction quality, modern housing solutions, and customer service. 


Built Up Values


Organised, productive, prompt Knowledge of the different standards in construction materials Excellent, proficient, and experienced team


A dynamic mix of proactivity, creativity, and goodwill efforts. New ideas and modern tools that help solve issues and meet our needs

Luxurious Housing

Prime locations.
Premier Quality.
Luxe amenities

Affordable prices

High quality homes at decent prices


Detailed qualitative quote with a 3d view of the project Building your home within your budget, deadline, and desired quality

Customers Satisfaction

Striving to meet your needs
Maintaining lasting relationships with you within a climate of trust and understanding

Sustainable development

Improved quality of life
Respecting local cultures

Message from CEO

“We aim at delivering the best housing solutions combining luxury, functionality, and cost-efficiency.
Here at Built Up we are committed to developing relations with our customers and community based on professionalism, trust, and transparency.
Our objective is to make your journey of finding the right place for you and your family much easier. To create houses that you can call homes. Where every space is invested in the smartest and most efficient way”.

Our Team

Ahmad Yaghmour. University of Balamand Graduate, majored in Computer Science. Founded and ran AIY Expert Solutions from 2014 till March 2018. Founded BuiltUp in2018 and is currently the owner and director of AIY Expert Solutions.